Detroit, MI

11:54 pm
Everything Everywhere All at Once
Crumb the Band
The cute guy’s name is Eli and the lizard’s name is Ballow. Illustration by Mick Brege.


Hello! I'm Eli Sawicki, a Detroit-based Freelance Motion Designer with experience across 2D & 3D animation, UI/UX design and video editing. When I’m not mapping out keyframes you can find me watching good movies, listening to sad songs or vibing with my pet lizard.

I'm here to imbue your project with clarity and delight through animation.

I'm here to imbue your project with clarity and delight through animation.

I'm here to imbue your project with clarity and delight through animation.

Over my 5+ years of experience I've had the pleasure of being in a startup environment as a resident Motion Designer. I've worked in collaboration with designers and developers to seamlessly integrate animation into products for web and mobile applications. I have a proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams, ensuring that design concepts are not only visually appealing but also technically aligned within a product's system.

Outside of studio work I’ve partnered with people and businesses directly to bring their visions and ideas to life. I’m able to discover the needs of a project and organize the necessary talent to see it through.

Some design tools I use:

Adobe Creative Suite
Cinema 4D
I'm available for freelance and short-term contract-to-hire positions. If you are local to Metro Detroit I'm open to hybrid work models, otherwise I'll be in my well-equipped home office.


Human connection — it’s been happening for a while — let’s keep it going.

Product visualization, brand animation, UI/UX motion solutions, anime recommendations. I’m here to talk about it. You can reach me at motion [ at ] or by filling out the form below.

I love emails! Hover to interact. Made in Rive.

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Awesome! Please include the client, time frame and deliverables if possible.

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I’m all about working with motivated people on inspiring things! Let me know what you’re doing.

Not reaching out about a project?

That’s fine! Just say, “Hi, I’m a person that exists.” and I’ll be all like, "Hi! You're amazing."

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